Information tables

In order to fully improve the navigation around the object, appropriate information plates should be selected for the key tags [without linking] in the online store. Room numbers, signage of individual rooms (toilets, conference rooms and offices), boards with business hours or institutions are necessary in every major building. They help orientation of hotel guests, as well as allow to mark special areas, e.g. for staff. Additionally, consistently composed keyrings, key clocks and plates will create a perfect company image and will be one of the elements of the interior design.

A great possibility to choose

We offer a large selection of information plates color and an engraver, which gives you the freedom to design markings suited for interiors or logos. The plates can be placed both inside and outside the building, and additionally, thanks to the plastics, they do not require a large cost. The text will be made in any font, at your discretion. If you are interested in ordering the label for your company, please contact WISplast – producer of advertising key rings.