How to choose an advertising gadget

The development of internet marketing has undoubtedly expanded the possibilities of advertising your company. Social media, advertisements or entire network campaigns, of course, are effective and fulfill their role. However, this does not mean that classic advertising methods have been forgotten. One of them is the use of advertising gadgets. Small gifts delivered directly have more impact than they may seem. However, it should be appropriately selected and adapted to the profile of the business.

Who we are giving the advertising gadget to

This is the first question we need to answer before placing an order for gadgets. Although this may only seem like a small thing, the type of gift is not without meaning. We must remember what is the business partner’s business profile. If, for example, we cooperate with a bookkeeping company, the pens will be on the spot. In turn, leashes will probably end up in a drawer.

The gadget must work

In turn, when preparing gadgets for customers, let’s focus on our activities. Let the product refer to what we offer, not just the placed logo. If we run a hotel or accommodation base, let’s invest in advertising keychains that would be clearly associated with the home and the place to sleep. Another element is the functionality of the gadget. Remember that in order for the advertisement to have the expected effect, the recipient must have constant contact with the subject. In this way, it codes the company’s name and associates it with something that is known and useful. As a rule, it is worth avoiding all kinds of figurines and other products that only serve as decorations. Mugs, pens, lighters or even trolley tokens are something that most people use almost every day.
We also do not underestimate the quality of gadgets. It is not worth saving small amounts and getting poorly made products. The customer or contractor will certainly pay attention to this. In this way, we can have the opposite effect from the intended one.

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