Key rings and fridge magnets – Advertising items

Acrylic key rings – advertising your company

Do not know how to promote your company? You can do it very effectively and at little expense – get to know our proposals. In WISplast you will find a wide selection of acrylic key fobs in various shapes: round, oblong or square. They are transparent and have a special box in which to place the company logo. We also offer various models of practical hangers with a shopping cart token. An interesting promotional gadget will be an acrylic magnet frame, in which you can, for example, place a company logo, contact details or your chosen product. We also recommend plastic carabiners.

Adverstising items
Acrylic key ring p0
Acrylic key ring pI
Acrylic key ring p5
Magnet frame small
Magnet frame large
Magnet Frame Wis XL
Foto Frame 11
Toker for shop trolley z1
Clip hook ar-4
Keyring metal RI

Fridge magnets – Your logo at eye level

We offer excellent solutions that will help in the promotion of your company. In addition to aesthetic key tags with imprint or engraving and frames with a magnet, our proposal also includes fridge magnets. In the online store there are magnets made of acrylic – a durable and resistant material. Magnet advertising we can decorate with selected graphics, put a logo on it, as well as company address details or services. Magnet frames designed to be placed on the fridge, are great as gadgets. Currently, when it floods the stream of information it is difficult to break into the consciousness of the recipient. That’s why it’s good to put your company’s logo in places that the viewer can see several times during the day, and the refrigerator definitely belongs to them. The elegant magnet will remind the recipient in a subtle manner about our company, which will contribute effectively to the increase of brand recognition.

Promotional gadgets for every occasion

Our products are a combination of high quality, aesthetics and functionality. Resistance to deformation and scratches, remarkable colors and ergonomic shapes are only a part of their advantages. Gadgets can be given to customers, employees or used during promotional campaigns. It is worth remembering that the logo placed in everyday objects – on fridge magnets, keyrings for keys or pendants – stays in the memory for a long time and becomes recognizable – do not wait and promote your company!