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We are a company that has been established in 1981. We acactually produce products from plastics. We create a market of advertising articles and key markets from more than 37 years. We have a properly equipped, modern machine park for production of magnets and other articles.


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Over 30 years of experience in the advertising industry. Our products have gained recognition of the domestic and foreign market. We have regular customers throughout Europe


We have been selected among the best exporters from the Pomeranian region and nominated to participate in the Edition of the Regional National Ranking ``Leaders of Export``, we are a member of the Polish Chamber of Promotional Articles

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Our products combine the lowest European price level with the highest European quality of products. For most of our products we have a protective certificate in the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland and the EU. These are proprietary designs, our design and authorship


We manufacture all our products on site. We have a modern machine park. We are able to produce any quantity in a short time

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The key ring is not only a distinguishing feature that allows you to find the key without error, but it is also an important image element. This aspect is often downplayed – wrongly. Good quality pendants with key numbers are an important element of the image campaign.


Key numbers, also sometimes referred to as cloakroom tokens, are, notwithstanding the name, used not only in cloakrooms. They are also useful in convention facilities, schools, office buildings, and even in apartments, whose managers are particularly interested in building a coherent image of a truly top-class luxury place. Key numbers are used everywhere where multiple sets of keys are used in parallel, but not only – they may (this is the case for theatrical, cinema or restaurant locker rooms) serve as an individual marker.


In the past, numbers for keys with poor quality plastics were made, which quickly broke or bent. In more prestigious buildings, wooden numbers were used, which were definitely more aesthetic, but whose durability left much to be desired, while the highest quality numbers were made of hard alloys, for example brass. Unfortunately, these were very heavy pendants, which is why today mainly used durable and well-processed plastics. Their advantage is the ability to dye almost any color, as well as resistance to destructive factors and low price.


In our offer you will find numbers for keys of various sizes and various shapes. Most of the designs are protected by registered copyright, so you will not buy similar hangers anywhere else. We check the quality of the materials used to produce the key numbers on a regular basis to ensure that the batch from which we will prepare the tags for you meets the stringent usage requirements. We attach great importance to the accuracy of execution, so key numbers in our offer not only can boldly compete with the classic pendants of larger companies, but very often they win with quality and durability. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the full offer and submit your inquiry – we will prepare an individual quote and schedule of order execution for key numbers in the configuration chosen by you.

The WISplast company was founded in 1981. Since then, we have been constantly enriching our offer, because even the seemingly uncomplicated market for key tags and keyrings evolves very quickly. We prepare new projects, introduce new designs and materials, expand the machine park to keep up with your expectations.

As a manufacturer of key fobs, we actively participate in building the reputation of many hotels, cultural facilities, and we help other objects’ givers in the implementation of the task of identifying and increasing brand recognition. Although your guests will not usually be interested in the manufacturer of keyrings, which you will attach to hotel keys, and employees will not focus on the quality of markers, you can be sure that you can not afford to make mistakes because the image is built with the smallest details.

Our offer includes, among others:

  • advertising key rings
  • hotel keys
  • keyrings
  • acrylic pendants
  • carabiners
  • key numbers
  • key rings for supermarket trolleys
  • trolley chips

We design each of these products from scratch and make sure that the finished products are really of the highest quality – without trapping, without imperfections, scratches or cracks. Taking care of the smallest details, we can successfully compete with market leaders, and because we have regular customers in the country and abroad, it gives us confidence that the chosen strategy is the right one.

  • We have huge experience. The number of manufactured objects, prepared designs and tried-and-tested materials is already huge. As a manufacturer of key fobs we have been operating continuously since 1981, and our key tags and markers are often in use for over a dozen years and they are not visible at all.
  • We do not outsource keychains to subcontractors – all our products are made in our factory, so we have full control over them, they can set the parameters of the technological process itself and control the quality of products on a regular basis so that you do not have to worry about it.
  • Due to the modern machine park and refined production procedures, our key rings are cheaper than other models of similar quality.
  • We execute all orders on time – having our own machine park and technological line, we can guarantee the preparation of any number of fobs in a short time. You can be sure that we will not let you down – many customers have already found out about it.
  • The offer of registered designs is constantly being expanded – we know that although keychains are just a detail, an addition, their appearance is very important, so we try to constantly create new models to meet your expectations.

Simple, often underestimated but necessary – key pendants. It is thanks to them that you can quickly find the wanted key even among many very similar ones, and it is also worth remembering that each pendant reduces the likelihood of losing the key.

  • Pear hotel – this is a specific pendant, which was once used primarily to make it difficult to carry a key that was left at the reception. Today, promotional and advertising functions are equally important because a fairly large pear is an important element of the visual identification campaign.
  • One-sided and two-sided identifiers – allow you to sign a key with, for example, a number or name. They are useful wherever there are a lot of keys, but the visual identification is overly accented.
  • Decorative key hangers – they are used primarily to give the keys an individual look. Key chains of this kind, for example in the form of a chain with fishes or a plastic plant are primarily decorations, although thanks to them it is also easier to find a key in your pocket or purse.
  • Tokens and numbers – on the one hand as a simplified one, and on the other as a more elegant version of identifiers. They allow the presentation of the key number, and at the same time provide even greater aesthetics.

Pendants for different types of keys can be bought in our company store or ordered by submitting an offer inquiry. It is not worth buying the cheapest hangers in hypermarkets, because they often have sharp traps, many of them are also damaged, which makes them useless. We give you the opportunity to choose a color and a larger selection of designs, most of which are protected by the Patent Office’s protective certificates, which gives you an additional chance to stand out not only in quality, but also in the style of identification.
We sell key pendants in packages of various sizes – choose the right one for you. If none of the standard packaging meets your expectations, please contact us to prepare an individual quote and delivery date.


Key tags – both decorative and identification – are needed not only in hotels or cinemas. They are also useful in every large company, and it is not difficult to find a home for them at home. Considering that the price of these keyrings is really low, it is worth investing in convenience and presence.

Keychains with the number of a hotel room are useless without placards. However, the use of tiles is not limited to numbering hotel rooms. Made of acrylic or other plastic plates are light, safe, aesthetic and cheap, so they are used more often.

  • As a signboard with the number of a room in a hotel, hospital, office or office building, i.e. wherever guests will face many, similar-looking doors.
  • As an information plate containing e.g. the name and surname of the person in the room, opening hours or other important information.
  • As a warning sign placed in front of a restricted zone or with limited availability, e.g. before entering a restaurant.
  • On the door of private houses and flats, where in this way you can permanently and safely mark each door, which is enjoyed by not only residents, but also developers at the stage of investment implementation.
  • In any other application in which the functionality, legibility and durability of the tablet are important.

In our offer you will find plates made of durable plastics, thanks to which finished products are completely resistant to moisture (they can be successfully used also on doors and external walls). The plate itself is very light, so its assembly is simple and requires no experience, and besides, plastics are simply cheap, which is an undoubted advantage. It is a facilitation especially for investors who need to mark more doors, and for this purpose they must use the same plates.


WISplast offers many designs and combinations of color plates. Because every order is personalized, please place orders via the request form with the quantity and content you want on the plates. We will prepare an individual quote and we will propose a deadline for implementation.
All plates are designed in our own design office and will be prepared on our production line, so we can guarantee their full compliance with the dimensioning and maximum precision of performance, thanks to which plates can be used even in the most prestigious locations.

To give your keys an individual look and make it easier to find them among many similar, it is worth using a small gadget, which is a tag. The pendant can only be decorative, but it can also be used as a key with a number.

  • Decorative pendant: ideal for home or work keys. If they are not in the cabinet together with dozens of other keys, thanks to the simplest decorative tag, they will be able to distinguish them in a great way.
  • Identification tag: a classic key number will work well in mass applications. Where there are a dozen or so keys, or even more, and all of them are used or stored simultaneously in the same place, a pendant with a number is necessary. In addition, colors can be used to mark different groups of keys.
  • Functional tag: it’s a relatively specific group, made up of some numbers for the locker room and hotel pear. Their task is not only to identify the key, but to prevent accidental removal of the key, which is why they are usually quite large and heavy.

Of course, key tags can combine different functions, because the hotel pears also include the room number, and their design is always carefully designed so that the pendant also has decorative functions. So let’s look through the entire offer to find the perfect tag for yourself.


The tags produced by WISplast are made of high quality plastics. This allows the creation of many visually attractive products that already attract the eye with the project itself, and thus implement decorative functions. In addition, they are cheap products – the longer the series, the lower the cost of production of hangers, which is particularly profitable for investors who want to buy a large number of personalized tags. The pendants are completely resistant to moisture and do not crumble under the influence of sunlight, making them more functional than the cheapest of similar products available on the market.


If you have not found a product in the store that would meet your expectations or you do not like the available packaging quantities, please contact us to prepare an individual offer. Because we manufacture all the tags on our own technological line, we can offer you the best conditions for preparing an individual order.

It’s good to stand out – that’s what keychains are used for. They do not have to be big and heavy to look original. In our offer you will find many aesthetic projects that, apart from their appearance, are also distinguished by their functional properties.


Keychains are very universal, but there are many types that are usually used in slightly different places. Of course, none of these rules is a mandatory norm – treat them only as guidance.

  • Keyrings with numbers: hotel rooms, offices, schools. Made of durable materials, they are a great alternative to previously popular metal key rings.
  • Keychains with one or two-sided IDs: they are more versatile than just a keychain with a number, because the user can apply the ID itself. In the final analysis, however, they are slightly less durable and certainly less prestigious, but also aesthetic.
  • Hotel keychains: this is a quite specific subtype of large and relatively uncomfortable keychains, which are supposed to prevent the accidental removal of the key, but of course also have a decorative function.
  • Decorative keyrings: popular with ordinary users, often attached to keys from the house or office. They allow easier to distinguish a bunch of keys, and besides, they have extraordinary decorative qualities. Usually bought individually, however, more creative ones have no problem finding more applications for this type of key ring.

Keychains are made of durable, moisture and dirt-resistant plastics that do not crumble when exposed to sunlight or cold. This is important because keyrings are used throughout the year and are often carried in pockets or bags along with other items that could damage them.

The high quality of keyrings also means the lack of sharp, unsightly trapping and interesting colors. WISplast has the proprietary rights protected in the Patent Office for most designs – key pendants that are unique and unusual, not just functional. In our offer, however, you will find both ordinary decorative key rings and more functional markers used as key rings. Only from your preferences depends on which of the color versions and which model will be prepared for you. All key rings in our company are produced directly in our production plant – we do not sell a few worth of keyrings made in China.

Advertising keychains are still an underestimated advertising medium. The fact that they are small does not mean low penetration. Properly selected advertising on the key ring will fall into the eye at least several times a day, so in the promotion of many types of products and services will work great.

  • Manufacturer’s advertising keyrings must be prepared from very durable materials – they are often used for several years, often in difficult conditions (dirt, dust, moisture, exposure to mechanical damage), so the selection of material is a key issue.
  • Advertising space – usually advertising fobs are made of acrylic, which allows for effective display of promotional materials. However, remember to choose only the highest quality promotional key rings. The manufacturer must take care of their aesthetic finish and the removal of the trap, because the poor quality of the pendant will cause negative connotations with the company.
  • Size and weight – advertising brochures must be relatively small and light. They can not make it difficult to carry keys, but they should be distinguished by aesthetic properties, thanks to which users will be more likely to use them. For the same reason, it is necessary to ensure that over time the surface does not dull, does not get scratched or dirty, which could reduce the attractiveness of the pendant.
  • Price – low price is an additional advantage, because the keychains are used as supplementary promotional materials, that is, directly speaking, they are ordered as one of the last, when the budget is slowly depleted.

WISplast has in its offer advertising keychains with prints and modern advertising key rings made of acrylic. As a producer of this kind of gadgets we have been operating since 1981, so we have a lot of experience and many interesting keychain designs to choose from – most of them are protected by the Patent Office, thanks to which you can be sure that the advertising keychains ordered from us are really original and you can not counterfeit using Chinese hypermarket key rings.

We are happy to prepare an individual quote for you and present a special offer of advertising key rings – for this purpose, please contact us. All orders are made in Poland of the best plastics, so you can be sure that you will receive the most durable, very carefully made advertising keychains at an attractive price.

Hotel keychains are very specific primarily because, in addition to decorative, they have another, very important function – they are protection against accidental removal of the key outside the premises.


Hotel key rings are primarily so-called. pears, which are over 6 cm high and about 4 cm in diameter in the widest place – so they are very large pendants that are difficult to overlook.

  • They are made in a way that makes it easier to find them – they have a specific shape, usually a distinctive color and a special field for the logo that allows you to place the name of the object and room number.
  • Hotel key chains must be quite large and relatively heavy – definitely larger than typical keychains attached to keys at home or in the office.
  • Hotel keychains are made of very durable material – they are often used very intensively for many years, so this strategy allows you to reduce the risk that one of the keyrings will break or be so scratched that you can no longer use it.
  • For aesthetics, hotel keychains are made of non-fibrous materials – thanks to that they retain an attractive appearance for a longer time – exactly the same as when they were removed from the original packaging.

The WISplast offer includes several proposals for keyrings that will work in hotels or guesthouses. These can be, for example, large numbers for keys (similar to those used as cloakroom tokens) or advertising acrylic key rings, which give greater opportunities when it comes to the presentation of graphic materials. Rarely and mainly in smaller accommodation facilities, large double-sided identifiers are also used, but pears, acrylic pendants and tokens work better as hotel keyfobs better because they are larger and longer lasting than classic hang tags.


The WISplast company has in the standard offer of medium-sized packaging hotel key rings, while the operators of larger facilities, who have the need to purchase a larger quantity, please contact us – we will prepare an individual valuation of the order. Because all orders are processed in-house, we are able to ensure the fastest possible preparation of even very large batches of hotel keys, while guaranteeing the highest precision and quality of workmanship.

Promotional keyrings are a great form of promotion of selected services and products, but it is worth knowing that the key ring is uneven – there are many promotional items offered by WISplast that can be used as key rings.

  • Acrylic advertising rings: made of transparent acrylic they are very resistant to scratches and allow for placing a large color display inside, which makes them the currently most popular type of advertising keychains.
  • The tokens for shopping trolleys placed in key rings: from the moment of popularizing coin-operated trolleys, also chips are made, which stores, not only large chains, but also local supermarkets, are happy to distribute to their regular customers. It pays off because the cost of chips is small, the advertisement is effective and the customer is satisfied.
  • Unusual keychains, including promotional keychains on the belt, are effective as an advertising medium precisely because they are unusual. Unusual appearance, rich color palette and the ability to put a logo on a large surface, make this option also eagerly used.
  • Some key tags are also used as keyboards – often on larger pendants there is a large logo, which is not only an identification element, but also helps to build brand awareness among hotel guests, for example.

WISplast offers its clients a wide range of advertising keychains, including popular acrylic key rings in various shapes (also unusual, outstanding among the offers of competing companies), classic key rings with numbers and original products, such as key rings on the belt. Since most designs are protected at the Patent Office, our key rings impress with their originality and quality. A large display area, high-quality materials and careful workmanship make such an advertising gadget welcome not only by your company’s clients, but also by employees who will thus become involved in promotional activities and building brand awareness.

We are happy to prepare a longer series of promotional keyrings for you – in order to learn about the valuation and deadlines, please submit an inquiry so that we can prepare an individual offer. You can make quick purchases in the online store of our company – if you do not find the perfect advertising fob, please contact us, maybe we will be able to help you.


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